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in the cellar

A careful selection, authentic workmanship. Our wines represent the evolution of our land and, our way of living. They recount the work of three generations of winemakers.

Langhe DOC Nebbiolo

It’s a wine we love to make, looking for an expression of immediate and daily refinement. It is the wine with which we communicate our style, and, made of long macerations, delicate extractions and ageing in wooden barrels.

Barbera d’Alba DOC Superiore

From old vines in the Crus of Pajagallo and Sarmassa, it is a Barbera of depth and structure, capable of extensive ageing. It is our Barbera, a Barbera from the Barolo village. A Barbera d’Alba of long macerations and ageing in wooden barrels for at least 12 months.

Barolo DOCG
del Comune di Barolo

From a small vineyard in Terlo and several plots in Sarmassa. It is a Barolo of equilibrium, the result of blending different plots. It is a traditional Barolo, with long macerations, delicate extractions, aged in wooden barrels for at least 18 months, followed by a long period in bottle.

Barolo DOCG

Boschetti is a century-old vineyard with very few surviving vines. It is also an expression of Barolo from sandy soils, with a less evident structure and, for the denomination, rare delicacy. We produced very few bottles of this Barolo, which is the result of long macerations, delicate extractions, ageing in big barrels for at least 18 months followed by prolonged ageing in bottle.

Barolo DOCG

Sarmassa is our historic vineyard in the heart of the estate, a very special Cru because of its many expositions and soil types. Not all the grapes from this cru end up in this wine, but only from those plots that give the very best result year after year.
Warmth, structure, finesse, this is La Sarmassa, how traditionally the Barolos from Barolo always have been.
Sarmassa Vigna Merenda is a Barolo resulting from long macerations, delicate extractions, and aged in large barrels for at least 18 months followed by a long period in the bottle.

Illustrations from “Barolo MGA Vol.1”
Alessandro Masnaghetti Editore – www.enogea.it

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We are from Barolo.